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Pierced ears are not needed

Earwraps are a fun and unique style of ear jewelry that wraps around the back of the ear resting comfortably yet snug.

Our Earwraps can be worn alone or with other earrings, and are adjustable to fit most ears.

It’s about adding “to”, not taking “from” ones style and self-expression.

The hoop is hypo-allergenic and made from un-tempered 302 food grade stainless steel, the same metal as the majority of kitchen utensils.
For those with metal allergies, the 302 food grade stainless steel wraps may be a great alternative.

The beads and charms are an eclectic collection of materials and we always look for those that are as unique as the wrap style. This includes, but is not limited to: acrylic,natural shell and crystal, faux pearls of various colors, wood, pottery, pewter, feather, and some semi-precious stones.

We invite you to view our Earwraps on the following pages. New styles are always being made and photo updates will be adjusted when they do.

Due to bead manufacturers’ supply, some styles may become unavailable.


Prices range from $12.00 to $25.00 per pair.


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Alice $18 teal triangle chel - 12.00 pearl Nila - custom 18.00 silvertone chain rosemary 25.00 vickie with green